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The MAGNOLIA 15 modular monitors work with modular design, which is very easy to be updated according to clinical needs. The anesthesia gas monitoring ensure an anesthesia surgery safety.

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    • 15" Touch Screen

      Find what you need right away on the large 15" touchscreen. You can spend more time providing care and less time on device training.

    • Smooth Operation Interface

      The friendly operation interface, Improve the efficiency of operation and observation. You'll recognize the familiar, easy-to-use interface from your existing MAGNOLIA monitors.

    • Accurate Measurement

      Outstanding ECG anti-interference performance. SpO2 algorithm optimized for anti-highlight. NIBP algorithm improve accuracy.

    • Multi-module Configuration

      The various parameters of module plug and play, fast to meet the different needs of monitoring.

    • Control Sensitive

      Industrial knobs imported from ALPS, working life upon 1,000,000 times. Waterproof buttons are imported from OMRON.

  • MAGNOLIA 15 Brochure